Death's Gift: an improv story by Judith Tarr & T. Frohock

I've had many wonderful things happen since coming online and connecting with other authors. One of my special pleasures is getting a chance to know Judith Tarr. Her works, especially her trilogy, The Hound and the Falcon, greatly influenced my own writing. As a matter of fact, I didn't realize how much until I recently revisited the trilogy for a blog post at the Harper Voyager Blog when I talked about some of my favorite historical fantasy novels.

Judith is one of the finest fantasy authors in the field, and I have to say it was something of an honor to ... if Judith will excuse the pun ... horse around with her and write an improv Twitter story. Here is how it all came about: a magical realism bot tweeted a story prompt about a necromancer, and Judith created the next line. I thought it would be fun to come up with the next part of the story, and then, as stories do, the tale sort of took a life of its own.

I liked the way Judith summed it up on Twitter: "Once there was a bot, and the bot posted a prompt. And the rest is storify."

Thanks to Mira, who graciously storified our tweets so you can read the whole story without interruption.

Death's Gift: an improv story:

If you want to keep up with Judith, you can find her blog and books at The Book View Cafe, give her a follow on Twitter, and she also has a Patreon, where you can sign up for stories and more. If you love fantasy, and I know you do, head over and say T. sent you. Give her a follow. You never know when a magical realism bot might come along and offer us another necromancer to storify.