Read Chapter 1 of In Midnight's Silence

If you're still on the fence about reading In Midnight's Silence, and I don't why you would be, but hey! No worries! You can now read the first chapter for free:

The second hand crawled around Señora Ferrer’s art deco clock with excruciating slowness. Blue, brown, and orange geometric shapes decorated the base and did little to help Diago’s headache. From where he stood beside the grand piano, he counted the seconds as they ticked across the clock’s face: fifteen, fourteen, thirteen …

All the while, Enrique Ferrer—a vindictive boy who hated his stepmother and piano lessons—executed a murderous attack on the sonata Diago had assigned. The child didn’t play the piano; he tried to kill it.

Enrique looked up at Diago and deliberately missed the next chord.

Diago, lost within the seconds of the ticking clock, said nothing.

Enrique stopped playing. “I don’t think that was correct, Maestro Alvarez.”

… seven, six, five …

Enrique made room on the bench for Diago. “Could you show me again?” He smiled, but the child was too immature to camouflage the spite in his eyes. He’d already tried to slam the fallboard on Diago’s fingers at the start of their session. This was almost certainly another ill-disguised attempt at a maiming.

Not that Diago hadn’t experienced his share of hostilities through the centuries. He had survived Torquemada, an encounter with a Borgia, and numerous altercations against both daimons and angels. At least I had a fighting chance against them. He considered Enrique’s wicked grin, and decided he would gladly revisit them all to avoid sitting beside this child again ...