Women Made of Chrome (a guest post)

I wish there were more Jane Navios in fantasy. Oh, you see them in science fiction and horror, but not in fantasy. There is an unwritten code that women in fantasy novels must not be older than thirty, or they’re all the grandmotherly types over sixty, but rarely are there any in the forty to fifty range. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but since the 1990s, female characters over forty seem to have faded into the background scenery, and very few are protagonists.

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and let the games begin ...

Well it's out. A reviewer for the NY Times, that paragon of virtue and good taste, has trashed the upcoming HBO Game of Thrones series. If you want a one-stop-fits-all link, visit Aidan Moher's blog at A Dribble of Ink because Aidan also links to io9's response.

I have to admit that I take exception with Ms. Bellafante's statement that illicit sex was thrown into the series to draw more female viewers. Maybe that's what Ms. Bellafante needs to maintain her interest in a television show, but some women (and I include myself in this group) actually enjoy television shows and read fantasies because we like the intellectual stimulation of the stories.

As a matter of fact, more often than not, I get a little turned off by pert little vampire hunters with tattoos who flop into the bed with any and everything male/female/and/or/whatever. That also goes for fantasies that have wenches and queens who are tumbling into the hay with every hero who happens along.

Seriously, Ms Bellafante--look to your needs before condemning all women to your fetishes.

Personally, I watch for the violence.

To each her own ...