Rady-Chapter 3 Christy Dunovant

At the Winston-Salem Writers, Chapter 3 of the horror serial novel Rady is now up. Christy Dunovant has contributed her writing skills to spin the next chapter:

When Granddaddy went to old Doc Boggs to get stitched up, nobody ever asked questions. Doc just went to work stitching. If anybody in Butner County had ever heard tell of Rady, they didn’t never speak of him. Jimmy thought it was probably best that way, seeing as how he didn’t know what he would say, anyhow.

He didn’t remember anyone telling him to keep quiet, but somehow he just knew they didn’t talk about Rady outside the house. Neither did they talk about Granddaddy’s visits to the sick or Grandma’s way of always knowing when it was time for Granddaddy to call on them ... [READ MORE]

Stay tuned ... I'll be keeping up with Rady as the story progresses and posting links to subsequent chapters in my sidebar until the novel is complete. Follow the links under the WSW Serial Novel / Rady header.