While cleaning up around my house this weekend, I came across my signed copies of ElfQuest. My books are signed by Richard Pini (Wendy, to the best of my knowledge, never came to cons). I used to own the next three books in the series, but I loaned them out, and they were never returned. You could say that ElfQuest started my no-loaner policy.

I remember ElfQuest was one of the few graphic novel series that I actually kept up with pub dates. I was standing at the bookstore door as soon as the next full color graphic novel was available for sale.

The three individual comics were a surprise. I had totally forgotten that I'd purchased them. Anyway, they're all shelved nice and safe now. I still reread them every once in awhile. The artwork and stories are as familiar as old friends.

If you're interested in ElfQuest, check out the Pini's ElfQuest website.