A Kickstarter & a video of my evil henchman Macavity & me

The Kickstarter for EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ANTAGONISTS, is here and LIVE, staring at you from your electronic device! 

And for this Kickstarter I, the reclusive author in residence, shot a short video of me talking about Evil is a Matter of Perspective WHILE HOLDING DOWN AN ANGRY CAT! You cannot get entertainment like this on Netflix, my friends. [NOTE: the transcript of my talk, for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, is on the site at Youtube along with the video.]

For those who can hear: you can listen to me read from Without Light or Guide with my Southern accent, and talk about Alvaro, the antagonist/protagonist of my story for Evil is a Matter of Perspective. As of this post, one of my cohorts in evil, Bradley P. Beaulieu, talks about his involvement as well. Keep checking those updates to hear more of your favorite authors talk about the anthology and why they are involved.

As a part of the Kickstarter package, I am offering you, that's right YOU, a chance for a Tuckerization in the story! If you choose that level, you will get to pick whose side you are on and fight in the streets of Barcelona during the May Days of 1937. I will give you the power to sing your magic, and if you're really lucky, a most grisly death.

I am also offering to critique 10,000 words of a story for one--COUNT THEM: ONE--backer. So hie thee over and get to backing. Trust me, I won't be gentle, and I will make your manuscript bleed. [NOTE: This level comes with a complimentary package of tissues.]

There is a stellar lineup for Evil is a Matter of Perspective:

R. Scott Bakker (The Second Apocalypse)
Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt, The Tiger and the Wolf)
Michael R. Fletcher (Manifest Delusions)
Shawn Speakman (The Annwn Cycles)
Teresa Frohock (Los Nefilim)
Kaaron Warren (The Gate Theory, Mistification)
Courtney Schafer (The Shattered Sigil)
Marc Turner (Chronicles of the Exile)
Jeff Salyards (Bloodsounder's Arc)
Mazarkis Williams (The Tower & Knife)
Deborah A. Wolf (The Dragon's Legacy)
Brian Staveley (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne)
Alex Marshall (Crimson Empire)
Bradley P. Beaulieu (The Song of the Shattered Sands, The Lays of Anuskaya)
Matthew Ward (Shadow of the Raven, Coldharbour)

The Kickstarter is HERE, the angry cat is HERE, and I hope you'll join us as we explore evil ... it's a matter of perspective.

Quick notes--where I've been and what I'm doing

ONE CORRECTION TO THE NEWSLETTER (for those of you that take both of newsletter and blog): I placed the wrong date for my class in the newsletter. The correct date and time is in the sidebar (June 9, 2016).

For those that don't subscribe to the newsletter, I will replicate the contents in this blog post to get the word out. After today, newsletters will be like a secret club.

The print edition of the Los Nefilim omnibus is coming on June 14, 2016! I'm not going to be shy: if you want more Los Nefilim stories, we've got to make serious sales during that first week, so if you are planning to pick up a copy, please consider pre-ordering.

You can get a copy at: AmazonBarnes and NobleHarperCollins, and don't forget to check out your local indie bookstore. If they don't have it, they might be able to order it for you. Find your local indie at Indiebound.

* * *

I am involved with this super Kickstarter, which will begin on June 15, 2016 (gonna be a busy week, I can see that coming ...)

The last Los Nefilim story that I am contracted to write is for Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists.

This is the Kickstarter event for which I have made a RARE (and I do mean RARE) video of me talking about the anthology, reading from Without Light or Guide, while HOLDING DOWN AN ANGRY CAT!

Due to my hearing, I was terrified to make a video of me talking. However, somewhere around the fourth take, I started to have fun, and when I finally subdued the cat, I appear fairly normal.

[NOTE: I included a transcript with the video, so if you're deaf or hard of hearing, you can read the talk, and then just enjoy angry cat for the rest of the video.]

So watch for the Evil is a Matter of Perspective Kickstarter so you can see me! Reading! Out loud! Along with Macavity in all of his evil catness! Seriously. You cannot get entertainment like this on Netflix.


There will be a few. One is currently pending at Goodreads. If you are a U.S. resident, then put the print edition of Los Nefilim on your to-read list. That way you will be notified when the contest goes live in a few days. The Goodreads giveaway is for a signed, print edition of Los Nefilim.

In addition to the Goodreads giveaway, I will host another giveaway only for newsletter subscribers. This will be the only worldwide contest that I will run for Los Nefilim.

What's that? Not a newsletter subscriber? Look in the sidebar: beneath EVENTS, you'll see a field for your email address. Enter your address and click the big orange submit button. Don't forget to check your email and verify your email address. After that, you're in the club!

The prizes for the newsletter giveaway will be:

Third prize is a signed copy of Los Nefilim.

Second prize is a signed copy of Los Nefilim and a Los Nefilim button.

The GRAND PRIZE is signed copies of both Los Nefilim and Miserere, a Los Nefilim button, and a handmade card with a quote from Los Nefilim inside (pictures of the cards are coming).


I have two upcoming events, both local to my area:

June 9, 2016 [class begins at] 6:00 p.m. -- I will be teaching alongside Bram Stoker award winning author, Lisa W. Cantrell: Writing Fiction for Publication. The class will be held at Rockingham Community College. Click the link and go to page 14 for details.

June 18, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. -- A reading at Uprising Coffee and Books, 655 Washington St., Eden, NC. I will be talking about Los Nefilim and my inspiration for the series. I'll also read from In Midnight's Silence, and sign copies of Los Nefilim and Miserere, or just hang out and drink their awesome coffee and talk about books. I'm flexible like that! So come out if you can.

And that, my darklings, is all that I have for you right now. Sign up for that newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for that special giveaway ...