Updates and such ... In Midnight's Silence and a project with Alex Bledsoe (#SFWApro)

Usually my Octobers consist of quietly preparing for winter around my house. The hectic summer pace slows, and I'm able to relax when the time changes, because the sun is not up until midnight. Unlike my usual Octobers, this year, October turned into a wild month for me. My beautiful daughter married a lovely young man and they moved into their own place. My husband and I had some vehicular issues (all totally beyond our control) that required our full-time attention, most of which fell to my poor husband to deal with. I don't know what I'd do without him.

And now, finally, November is here and we're all settling in.

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Short stories, linkage, and the movie Blancanieves (#SFWApro)

My progress on Cygnet Moon has been periodically interrupted by short stories all year so I'll be taking a brief hiatus on the short story front in order to finish the novel. I will be around, because I've promised folks some interviews and blog posts, and I will be cross-posting those events here. Otherwise, things are going to be kind of quiet here at the old blog.

The last couple of weeks have just blown me away by the number of people who have said such nice things about Miserere and Manifesto: UF

Just a few links:

Justin Landon gave a super shout-out to Miserere over at Tor.com in Under the Radar and calls Miserere "... one of the most grossly under-read novels of the last few years."

Mihir Wanchoo reviewed Manifesto: UF at Fantasy Book Critic. He gave a brief synopsis and his thoughts on each and every story, including "Naked the Night Sings":

This was another story, whose title was attention-grabbing, plus it was written by Teresa Frohock and so I was assured of two things; elegant prose and dark settings. Not only does the author do her best in creating a rich, dark atmosphere but she also goes about creating admirable characters who leave you hooked onto the story. Another fine dark gem from an author who is fast becoming a solid favorite of mine.

"Another fine dark gem ..." will be going on my novel web page soon. Meanwhile, go read Mihir's review and see what he has to say about all the other great stories in Manifesto.

I got a Friday night suprise from Matt Gilliard when he reviewed Miserere at his blog, 52 Book Reviews. What was so interesting about this review was the Gender Bias in SF/F Roundtable discussion that led up to Matt's decision to read more novels written by women. Authors Stina Leicht, Zachary Jernigan, and Mazarkis Williams joined Matt for a discussion of women in SF/F, and they provided some interesting thoughts on the subject.

It was a big project, but Matt handled it very, very well. Whatever you do, read these links:

Gender Bias in SF/F Roundtable Part 1

Gender Bias in SF/F Roundtable Part 2

Gender Bias in SF/F Roundtable Part 3

And finally, I watched a movie recently that I would really like to share with you. Later on, when I've got more time, I'll write a full review, but for now, if you are looking for a dark and delicious fairy tale, watch the movie Blancanieves.

The entire film is a tribute to silent movies and Pablo Berger treats his subject with great love. The idea of Snow White as a bullfighter made me laugh until I saw the performances in this film. The acting is subtle and glorious. Maribel Verdú, who is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses, plays the wicked stepmother to evil perfection. The coolest twist comes in Carmen/Blancanieve's desire, which is not to become a dancer like her mother, but to become a renowned bullfighter like her father. Set in Andalusia in the 1920s, the movie captures the romance of the period and brings it to life in black and white.

Blancanieves is dark and luscious and made with love so go on and take a bite of that apple. You won't regret it. Not at all.

I'll be around.

Watch for me.

Hanging out at Fantasy Book Critic with Stina, Courtney, and Brad

The Fantasy Book Critic has an awesome interview with part of the Night Shade Posse. I'm hanging out with Stina Leicht, Courtney Schafer, and Brad Beaulieu, answering some of Robert's excellent questions. We're talking about everything from fantasy to GMMR's Game of Thrones to [you guessed it] our own books.

It's a fun interview, so if you have a moment, ride over and check out FBC's Interview with Night Shade Books’ Bradley P. Beaulieu, Courtney Schafer, Stina Leicht and Teresa Frohock (Interviewed by Robert Thompson).