and let the games begin ...

Well it's out. A reviewer for the NY Times, that paragon of virtue and good taste, has trashed the upcoming HBO Game of Thrones series. If you want a one-stop-fits-all link, visit Aidan Moher's blog at A Dribble of Ink because Aidan also links to io9's response.

I have to admit that I take exception with Ms. Bellafante's statement that illicit sex was thrown into the series to draw more female viewers. Maybe that's what Ms. Bellafante needs to maintain her interest in a television show, but some women (and I include myself in this group) actually enjoy television shows and read fantasies because we like the intellectual stimulation of the stories.

As a matter of fact, more often than not, I get a little turned off by pert little vampire hunters with tattoos who flop into the bed with any and everything male/female/and/or/whatever. That also goes for fantasies that have wenches and queens who are tumbling into the hay with every hero who happens along.

Seriously, Ms Bellafante--look to your needs before condemning all women to your fetishes.

Personally, I watch for the violence.

To each her own ...