On Goodreads and giveaways and passing along The Vagrant

Just like you, I'm a sucker for freebies. So whenever I see Goodreads has a giveaway for a book on my to-read shelf, I enter the giveaway.

Since publishers and authors use Goodreads to find more fans for an author's work, I decided to make it my policy to review the book and give it away, either through a contest on my blog or as a library donation. [Note: This policy is only for fiction. I keep all non-fiction.] Knowing the cost of postage (which Mark Lawrence talks about here) and the need for reviews, I pass the book along in hopes that the next person will review the book, too. That way the author has a shot at getting two reviews for the price of one.

Or so I hope.

My unofficial name for this is the Pass Along Club. I read it, review it, and pass it along to someone else that might enjoy it. Some of you might remember the review and giveaway that I did for Zachary Jernigan's novel, Shower of Stones.

This past week, I found out that I had actually won a Goodreads giveaway for a copy of The Vagrant by Peter Newman. Trust me when I say that no one was more shocked than me. I rarely, if ever, win anything.

So in keeping with the spirit of the Pass Along Club, I will review and then giveaway my copy of The Vagrant. According to Goodreads, it may take four to six weeks for the book to arrive. Once it is here, it gets bumped to the head of the line. I'll read it, review it, and offer it up for a giveaway.

I will run a poll and see if we want to do the annotate/don't annotate game again like we did for Zachary's book.

I do not review often, because it takes a lot of time for me to sit down and write a review. I review when a book totally blows my mind (this happens once in a blue moon), or when I win a book (see everything above). Please don't ask me to review your book. I don't like everything I read. I have a few audacious friends who have actually accused me of being a literary snob--they're wrong, but that's okay, they're my friends and can say things like that to me.

However, I am a fair reviewer and when I read a novel, I take into account the following: story, characterization, and writing style. I rarely review young adult books or science fiction, because I'm simply not well read enough in those genres to give the books a fair evaluation.

However, The Vagrant falls dead within my skill set, so stay tuned. I'll have more information for you later.

Meanwhile, don't forget The Second Death: Los Nefilim, Part 3 is coming on March 29! Beginning at the end of March and going through April, I will be hosting some other giveaways, some especially for Newsletter subscribers, so sign up if you haven't already!

Happy Halloween and Congratulations to the Goodreads winners!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I had a really cool Halloween blog post planned, but the weekend ate it.

I've been super busy, but I did want to pop in and say congratulations to the winners of my Goodreads giveaway: Jennifer Wise and Taneeka Smith.

Stay tuned, I've got an interview coming up soon with the stunning Isis Rushdan and we have talked about doing a world-wide giveaway at her blog.

Be safe, have fun, and I will think of something blog worthy for you soon.

Meanwhile, I'm writing ...