A place I'd like to visit long term ...

Over with Jessica at her lovely blog Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile where I'm talking about the one (or two or three--never ask me to make a decision) place I'd love to visit long-term:

Cool question, Jessica. Um, let me see, right now I would have to pick Spain. I had to take two years of college Spanish, and during the classes, we also discussed Spanish and Latin American culture. I just fell in love with both. [READ MORE]
And don't forget! You've got three different places where you can put your name (or flash fiction) in the hat to win a copy of MISERERE:
  1. At Brenda Drake's blog where you can win a copy of MISERERE by commenting;
  2. At the Night-Bazaar this week, you can comment for a chance to win; and
  3. RIGHT HERE, where your super writing skills can win all kinds of cool prizes including a query critique or a 25 or 50 page critique from my rock-star agent Weronika Janczuk!
This party isn't over yet ...