Miserere, Last Days, and Muscle Men

Obligatory book plug: You don't have to wait until July 1 to order your copy of Miserere! Both Amazon and B&N have it in stock.

This is also the LAST day (end times are here) to enter Weronika Janczuk's contest where you can win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED copy of Miserere.

And finally: A link to an article from the Los Angeles Times "Men of Summer Flex Their Muscles." Emily Fox-Kales, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Harvard, made this comment:

“As men have lost more economic power, more social power, they’ve wanted to look more pumped up,” Fox-Kales said, pointing to the recent recession that disproportionately hit male-dominated jobs like construction and manufacturing. “Muscles have become an accessory, like pickup trucks.”

Hmm, I hadn't thought of it like that ...

On the personal front: I have a few deadlines to meet, so my appearances here will continue to be short and sporadic until I'm done.

I have a blog tour coming up and a few other announcements to post later!

Until then, I'll be lurking about Twitter and Facebook. I'll leave you with my absolute favorite quote of the week that I found via Weronika on Tumblr:

If, in fact, you have an impulse to become and maintain yourself as a deep reader, then the internet is very good for you. It gives you an endless resource. But if, in fact, you don’t have standards and you don’t know how to read, then the internet is a disaster for you because it’s a great gray ocean of text in which you simply drown.  --Harold Bloom