Manifesto: UF is out

Just in case you missed all the excitement yesterday, the ebook urban fantasy anthology Manifesto:UF is officially out. [Let me pause here to give a shout-out and say thanks to the folks at Reddit r/fantasy and for helping us get the word out last night! You guys rock!]

Manifesto features my short story "Naked the Night Sings." This anthology is really special to me because "Naked the Night Sings" qualifies as my very first short story sale.

Angelic Knight Press has released the ebook edition of Manifesto: UF and it is live on For those of you who are print aficionados, print will follow sometime within the next few weeks.

I love anthologies because they're like Whitman's samplers: you get a chance to see an author's writing style and how he or she carries a story without the full time commitment of a novel. If you take a bite and find a certain story isn't to your taste, move right on to the next one. This anthology is like a box of rich dark chocolate and is full of interesting nuggets.

Now I want chocolate.

Of course, just throwing a bunch of stories together isn't what makes an anthology good. I would recommend following Ryan Lawler's advice to read the stories in order. Tim and Tyson did a magnificent job of creating a flow between one story and the next.

If you have missed it anywhere else, the table of contents for Manifesto: UF is:

Rev – Kirk Dougal
I’m an Animal. You’re an Animal, Too – Zachary Jernigan
Los Lagos Heat – Karina Fabian
Savage Rise – Adam Millard
Front Lines, Big City – Timothy Baker
Break Free – Ryan Lawler
Naked the Night Sings – Teresa Frohock
Double Date – Andrew Moczulski
That Old Tree – R.L. Treadway
Dharmasankat – Abhinav Jain
Nephilim – TSP Sweeney
Toejam & Shrapnel – Nickolas Sharps
Green Grow the Rashes – William Meikle
Under the Dragon Moon – Jonathan Pine
Gold Dust Woman – Kenny Soward
Wizard’s Run – Joshua S. Hill
Chains of Gray – Betsy Dornbusch
Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic LA – Jake Elliot
Queen’s Blood – Lincoln Crisler
Beneath a Scalding Moon – Jeff Salyards
Separation Anxiety – J.M. Martin
Blessing and Damnation – Wilson Geiger
Jesse Shimmer Goes to Hell – Lucy A. Snyder

Well? What are you waiting for? Go sample!

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