the best of times with my friend Kelly

I'm hanging out with my dear friend Kelly Kennedy Bryson over at her blog today! Kelly talks about how we met and her overuse of the word "gel" in her critiques (as in: "that scene where the horse lives doesn't gel for me" [so I killed the horse] or "Wow, when the cross flips upside down in that exorcism scene, it really gels" [evil laughter]).

Kelly had a lot of super questions for me and we talk about Miserere, writing, and books that really blew me away during my research.

The one book that absolutely blew me away was Armando Maggi's Satan's Rhetoric: A Study of Renaissance Demonology. Maggi's analyses of Renaissance treatises on demonology and his correlation between language and possession astounded me. He writes that in a possession, the "'virus' assaulting the mind is the mind itself. In a demonic possession, the mind listens to its own annihilation" ... [READ MORE]