the craft of writing--from the initial spark to the finished draft

Today, I'm over with my friend and colleague Lindsay Smith, talking about how I craft a novel from the very beginning to the finished draft.

In terms of first features, occasionally I get “what if” plot ideas, but most of the time, my story ideas begin with a character. Lucian started with a dream, Guillermo came to me as I was daydreaming one day, and there was something intriguing about both men—I knew they had stories to tell.

So once I have my character, I choose a theme. I want it to be something that I feel really strongly about because I think that makes me and the reader care about the character and his or her story. Sometimes the theme comes to me and stays consistent throughout the novel like it did with MISERERE, and sometimes I pick a theme, but the character dictates another, like what’s happening with THE GARDEN right now ... [READ MORE HERE]

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