a review and some random notes

Paul Weimer gave Miserere a very nice review over at SF Signal today. Head over if you want to give it a look-see.

Congratulations to my colleague, Max Gladstone, who is celebrating the sale of his novel Three Parts Dead to Tor Books by none other than our rock star agent Weronika Janczuk. Congratulations to both of them, and I'm looking forward to adding Three Parts Dead to my to-read shelf.

Just kind of FYI: Due to a large amount of SPAM, I've had to turn on comment moderation at the old blog. I apologize in advance, because I always like to make commenting as easy as possible on the folks that visit with me. However, I don't like people using my airspace to hawk everything from cashmere shawls to the enhancements of certain body parts.

So. In an effort to curb ... enhancements, for lack of better ... you won't see your comments on the blog until my eyes have seen your comments. As long as everyone follows the general rules of good behavior (and I've yet to have anyone visit me here who doesn't), your comments will magically appear when I've got time to release them.

Unless you're a spammer. Then I'll think of some devilment to perpetrate on you.

I'm old and mean. Don't provoke me.