women in science fiction and fantasy A-Z

Erin Hartshorn is reviewing books by Science Fiction and Fantasy authors who are women with this fabulous series, and today is the letter F ... and being fortunate enough to be female and having a last name that begins with this coveted letter, I get to be a part of Erin's line-up. She is reviewing books by Fabian, Foster, and [you guessed it] Frohock.

This week’s post in the on-going women writers in science-fiction and fantasy spotlights Karina Fabian, Eugie Foster, and Teresa Frohock. Read my reviews, check out what they have to say about their work — and then go read them! [READ MORE]

And you'll want to read more. Erin gives honest, thoughtful reviews on all three authors, from the humor in Magic, Mensa & Mayhem to the Japanese fable "Biba Jibun" to a story of a dark Woerld.