My short story Love, Crystal and Stone has been sold

I'm really pleased to announce that my short story, "Love, Crystal and Stone" has been sold to Neverland's Library Anthology. Tad Williams is writing the introduction to this anthology and the collection includes stories by: Mark Lawrence, Marie Brennan, Tim Marquitz, Kenny Soward, William Meikle, Peter Rawlik, Miles Cameron, Betsy Dornbusch, R.S. Belcher, Marcy Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Jeff Salyards, and me.

This is a crowd-sourced project with a portion of the sales going to First Book, a non-profit organization working to provide educational resources and literature for children in impoverished areas across Canada and the US.

Today is the very last day that you can help contribute to this project. Read more about Neverland's Library Anthology and why they chose Indiegogo to crowd-source right here.

Please help us get the word out.