The Neverland's Library Anthology (#SFWApro)

A very short note to let you know that the Neverland's Library Fantasy Anthology is now available from Ragnarok Publications. I have a short story in this anthology, which is more of a traditional fantasy story, one that I enjoyed writing. "Love, Crystal and Stone" was written for my friend Mazarkis Williams, who wanted to know more about the dragon in my short story "Naked the Night Sings." Here's your dragon, my friend.

Fantasy Book Critic published an exclusive excerpt from my story back in October of last year if you want a peek.

There are a lot of great stories in this collection. Tad Williams wrote a beautiful introduction, and I'm looking forward to reading all of the stories this week.

From the blurb:

Dragons, magic, princesses of mighty kingdoms ... elements of fantasy that have carried on throughout the many ages, and yet, may one day be forgotten. Enter and delve into the roots of fantasy, rediscovering the fantastic, and exploring lost worlds. Neverland's Library is storytelling at its finest. This collection of original works will take readers back to that moment when they first fell in love with the genre.

Featuring an introduction by Tad Williams and stories from writers across the spectrum such as Mark Lawrence, Marie Brennan, R.S. Belcher, Miles Cameron, Teresa Frohock, Don Webb, Joseph R. Lallo, J.M. Martin, Brian Staveley, Tim Marquitz, Jeffrey J. Mariotte & Marsheila Rockwell, Kenny Soward, Betsy Dornbusch, Stephen McQuiggan, Keith Gouveia, Jeff Salyards, William Meikle, Ian Creasey, Mercedes M. Yardley, Peter Rawlik.

This is a collection worthy of one's library.

I am writing and reading and writing some more ...

... Or a very teeny update.

In the month of May, I completed two different short stories, "Naked the Night Sings," which will appear in the Manifesto: UF Anthology published by Angelic Knight Press (coming in September 2013), and a new story "Love, Crystal and Stone," which I intend to submit for consideration in the Neverland's Library Anthology.

Neverland's Library Anthology is winding into the final hours of its crowdfunding drive, so go right here to help fund this anthology. They have a super line-up of authors who are confirmed participants in the anthology, and none other than Tad Williams will be writing the introduction.

Just so that you know I'm not slacking off here: between these two stories, I wrote approximately 11,900 words, which is about one-quarter of a novel.

Also in May, I finished reading the very well-written Heir of Night by Helen Lowe. I am working on a review for you.

I will be posting at BookSworn later this week with a never-before-seen-authentic-hand-drawn map of Woerld, drawn by ... ahem ... none other than me.

I have several other things in the works, but if I fall silent again, then it's because I've returned to work on my new novel Cygnet Moon.

And that is all that I have for you right now. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, watch for me ... I'll be around.

Naked the Night Sings, a guest post at OWW, and linkage

A few brief notes (and links) to bring you up-to-date: I'm back on Tumblr and my feed runs through the sidebar here at my website. I've also set up a feed for BookSworn, a great new collective blog where I join several of genre fiction's newest authors for blogposts and giveaways and lots of cool stuff. Check us out. A Guest Post and Anthologies I have a guest post on the May 2013 Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror monthly newsletter where I talk about world building. You do NOT have to be a member to read the newsletter. If you're looking for an excellent online writing community, give OWW a shot.
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