Skyhorse/Start acquires Night Shade Books

I spent the month of April deciphering contracts, contract law, and intellectual property law, not because I was bored and wanted to snarl my brain. It was in April that authors received the news that Night Shade Books was being purchased by Skyhorse Publishing and Start Publishing. This led to one massive brain hemorrhage as we all tried to comprehend what this meant for our books and any future novels tied with those contracts.

Thanks to Kameron Hurley, a Google group was set up and information started to flow. Some of this information was good, some of it was bad, some, well, ugly in that it wasn't what we wanted to hear, but it was the truth.

One of the biggest benefits that I received from being an SFWA member is the ability to participate in the SFWA forum. If you are in utter and complete publisher meltdown, that is the place to go. I received clear-headed assessments of the situation from experienced members. Several kind people emailed me off the grid with details that tipped the balance of my decision.

On the surface, the issue with Night Shade Books appeared as if the SFWA was coddling the publisher. As April progressed, my anonymous email advocates armed me with facts that simply could not be made public for many reasons. Once I possessed all the facts, I realized that the SFWA did the right thing.

Kameron did an awesome job as moderator of the Google group and I thank her and Mary Robinette Kowal, who really spent hours and hours of her personal time going to bat for us. Mary couldn't have done her job without the weight of the SFWA behind her, and for that I am very grateful both to Mary and to the SFWA for taking a part in these negotiations.

For a long time, everyone was between a rock and a hard place, and some authors still are. I am hoping for the best for everyone.

I only the briefest of statements about The Bulletin and the SFWA:

I did finally receive my copy of the Bulletin and I want to say for the record that I found the article very offensive. I have neither the time nor inclination to write a ranty blog post about it; there are plenty of those out there if you want to read one.

The SFWA is taking strides to amend this situation, so I intend to give my membership more time. I want to see what the SFWA does, and I also want to be a part of the solution if I am able. A lot of changes are happening, some of which are too rapid to document. So I'm sticking around for a while longer.

I hope so anyway.

I'll be around and if you don't see me, I'll be writing.

Night Shade Books Holiday Countdown-Miserere

Want to read chapter six of Miserere, absolutely free? Of course you do.

I am so lucky that Kristen over at Fantasy Cafe offered to host the chapter six excerpt of Miserere: An Autumn Tale for Night Shade Books Holiday Countdown. I fell in love with Kristen's blog from the moment I started reading it. I was positively thrilled when she agreed to read Miserere (you can read her review of Miserere here).

If you have a minute, head over to Stop #15 on Night Shade Books Holiday Countdown to read chapter six of Miserere: An Autumn Tale.

We also have an interview and a giveaway for a copy of Miserere! I loved this interview, because Kristen asked me about fairytales, and I love talking about dark fairytales.

dying laptops and borrowed computers ...

Just FYI on why I've been MIA ...

My laptop crashed and my divine spouse is working to restore order to my universe. I won't be blogging very much with anything other than quick updates until I have my computer again.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a borrowed computer and backing up.

I'm working through several blog interviews. I'll have some dates and websites up for you soon.

The good folks at Night Shade are working toward getting the first four chapters of Miserere online so you can have a taste of what's to come. I'll post the link for that when it's available.

Have a super weekend, and I will hopefully be back soon with some thoughts on women and fantasy; Guillermo del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness, and more ...

cover art for Miserere

For those of you who don't know, authors have no input regarding the cover art of their novels. For me, that was a good thing, because I never, NEVER could have conceptualized something this good. Night Shade is known for its lovely cover art, so I wasn't concerned about the art for my debut novel, Miserere. I knew it would be good.

I wasn't prepared for awesome.


Isn't it awesome?

The art is by Michael C. Hayes, and you can find more of his work here.

I love the way Rachael is looking at Lucian and how both women are positioned with their backs to one another. I also love the way Lucian is between them, looking at neither of them. Each face captures the essence of the character and the colors are sensuous and moody like the story.

I'm absolutely thrilled!

What do you think?