Winter in the City ... and my Nightsongs stories

When Marty emailed everyone and pitched the new anthology Winter in the City, I jumped at the chance to be involved. I wanted a good excuse to write another story with Alejandro ("Love, Crystal and Stone") and Adriana ("Naked the Night Sings").

The theme of the city in winter appealed to me. Even though I was raised in a rural area, I've always been in love with New York City, which held an almost mystical status to me. My parents thought of it as a city of sin, The Warriors showed me a haunting landscape of danger and forbidden love, and Escape from New York made the city the most badass place around.

When I finally had the opportunity to visit New York, the beauty of the city took my breath away. I found every street had a different story to tell. Rather than become disillusioned with the reality, my visits merely deepened my love for the city. Early mornings are my favorite time when a hush seems to hold the streets. Shadows linger and it's easy to imagine a place where the sidewalk ends and magic begins.

New York is where dreams are born and sometimes stillborn. It's a city with multiple faces like my Adriana and Alejandro. I can think of no better place to set the third story of my Nightsongs series.

If the Kickstarter for Winter in the City is successful, I will tell you the story of Monica Ness, a once famous singer, known to the world as Nyx. For a price, the mysterious Adriana offered Monica the ability to sing with duende. Like Nicolai before her, Monica found a thread and won the power to move audiences with her voice. She took the stage name Nyx and soared to fame before she fell into alcoholism and disappeared from the music scene.

At fifty-two, her life is over. She lives in the subways and drinks to wash the dark sounds from her mind. Near death and destitute, Monica contemplates stepping on the third rail when a strange man emerges from the tunnel. He says his name is Alejandro and, for a price, he offers to save her soul.

If you have a minute, go and check out the Winter in the City Kickstarter for details on how you can participate.