Miserere is Unboxed at Reader Unboxed

Everyone knows about Writer Unboxed, a consistent winner of the Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites Award for the last five years. The founders of Writer Unboxed, Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton, wanted a more direct line with the readers, so they partnered with book bloggers and Larramie from The Divining Wand to start a sister-site to Writer Unboxed, called Reader Unboxed.

Reader Unboxed uses two rating systems to rate their reviews: 1) an overall book rating; and 2) an unboxed rating. The unboxed rating is for:

... a book that does something new. Fresh. Takes an idea and places it, firmly, unequivocally, out of the box. It is the road less traveled. It is the place beyond what we know, the place where the dragons be. It is evidence that an author brought a machete out with her into the wilderness and not just a pair of sunglasses.

Lots of things can make a book unboxed. A startling twist. A transporting voice. A unique setting or story structure. A character who does exactly the opposite of what we expected.

Vaughn Roycroft reviews Miserere: An Autumn Tale and gives Miserere a 6-star UNBOXED rating:

I feared the themes would be too Calvinistic for my taste. I pressed ahead, and was rewarded for my diligence. By page 30, when Lucian escapes his evil sister and is set upon his quest, I was all in. I was also delighted to find that all of the religions of Earth were represented in Woerld, united against their common foe: evil. The very things I initially felt hesitant over ended up being the most unboxed (fresh) elements of the book. [READ THE REVIEW HERE]

While you're over at Reader Unboxed, check out the other reviews. The Reader Unboxed reviewers cover several different genres, so no matter your reading tastes, you will find a book that will take you to new places and new thoughts.