Miserere is reviewed at Staffer's Musings

I can't describe the feeling when someone really understands your story. I know--a sorry state for someone who considers it her job to describe emotions, but that's the truth of it. I also understand some people feel a little trepidation when they see Miserere: An Autumn Tale and the word "Christian" in the blurb. The automatic assumption is that the novel is Christian fiction (it isn't).

So it just pleases me to no end when I see someone take a deep breath and plunge into the story in spite of his or her skepticism. It's an even greater charge when that person understands exactly what the story is about and writes a review like this:

A tight plot, an interesting world, and something much like the Dan Brown knack for the religious 'what if', makes Miserere an absolute pleasure to read. From the moment Frohock revealed her world as one grounded in our own, she captured me, driving forward with a desire to fit all the pieces together ... [Read the rest of the review at STAFFER'S MUSINGS]