Blog Tour Day 2--Sarah's Random Musings

Still roaming the Interwebz and today I am at Sarah's Random Musings where I talk about the novels that inspired me to write fantasy:

This is going to be utter blasphemy, but it wasn’t The Lord of the Rings. Frankly, I have YET to get through all three novels. I enjoyed The Hobbit, and I love Viggo Morg--, er, the Lord of the Rings movies, but The Lord of the Rings wasn’t the fantasy that opened my soul ...

Only on the Internet can you clone yourself and be in two places at once, so once you've finished your visit with Sarah, you can hop over to Musetracks for their Agent Shop PITCH Day! I'm in the Agent Shop's author spotlight today. I'm talking about Miserere, finding an agent, and dispensing a little writing advice on the side. Tomorrow, my agent Weronika Janczuk will be there to look at thirty lucky pitches.

AND DON'T FORGET you have a chance to win an autographed copy of Miserere, critiques, and cool stuff. Polish your flash fiction for our big giveaway! Go here for the rules.