Rady--Chapter 10 by Jennifer L. Stevenson

Just in time for Halloween, ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer L. Stevenson brings the conclusion to the Winston-Salem Writers' Serial Horror Novel, Rady.

In case you're just signing on, here is how it worked:

Jennifer L. Stevenson of the Winston-Salem Writers organizes serial novels that are posted on the Winston-Salem Writers' web site. Someone writes an initial chapter, then every two weeks a member of the Winston-Salem Writers takes up the challenge and writes the next chapter.

The Winston-Salem Writers have already produced a romance Safe At Home and a mystery Cheerwine is Fine. Jennifer takes the rather daunting task of tying the novel together and as all of you know, the first chapter is easy, it's that last chapter that will kill you [a teensy pun intended].

Without further ado, the final chapter of Rady:

It’s said that if a man is lucky, he might be offered salvation once in his life — but revenge is his own, a wild justice he can choose every day.

The boy tasted both in the searing of remembrance.

His sobbing ceasing, the power came on. Muscles hard, bones grown strong, eyes like shining amber. He could stand upright – with Father’s venom coursing through his veins once more. [READ MORE]

I really appreciate the Winston-Salem Writers giving me the opportunity to speak before their group and the chance to be a part of their serial horror novel. If you're a writer in the Winston-Salem area, look them up. They have terrific programs and they are an awesome group of fellow writers.

Oh, and have a Happy Halloween ...

Rady--Chapter 7 by Teresa Wiginton

Two new chapters of the Winston-Salem Writers serial horror novel Rady are now up! I'm going to start with Chapter 7. Teresa Wiginton interjects a fantasy element into the story as she carries the story forward:

“So now we know where they are, don’t we? ” The woman reading the paper laid it down on the table, looked over her reading glasses at the man standing across from her. Her eyes narrowed as she tapped her finger on her lips. The man shook his head, turned and pressed down a wing of the moth that had landed on the wall near him. He then gently picked the moth up and carried it to the table. He sat down across from the woman while still holding on to the moth’s wing. [READ MORE]

Rady--Chapter Six by Mary Ann Peden-Coviello

The Winston-Salem Writer's serial horror novel Rady continues this week with chapter six by Mary Ann Peden-Coviello:

Rady opened his eyes in the dark. That was all right, though, ’cause Rady liked the dark. He could see real good but other folks couldn’t see him much at all. Their eyes was weak. He lay still and listened to the house above him. Other folks’ ears was about useless, too. Flat to their heads just like their noses. Couldn’t hear him comin’ and couldn’t hardly smell him till he was on ‘em. Rady grinned all alone in the dark. He liked that, too. [READ MORE]

If you're going to be in the Winston-Salem area on October 5 at 7:00 p.m., I will be speaking to the Winston-Salem Writer's group at the Forsyth County Public Library, 660 West Fifth St., Winston-Salem, NC. This event is open to the public, and I hope if you're in the area, you'll stop by and attend.

Rady-Chapter 5 by Stacy Hope Jones

I know things are crazy-busy for everyone, but don't forget the Winston-Salem Writers and the serial horror novel--Rady.

Chapter five is up, and Stacy Hope Jones takes us deeper into the story and the house where Rady lives ...

The moth was back. This time, not at the window, but just in the room suddenly. He saw it flat on the wall, its pale wings flattened out, barely seen. It looked like a ghostly white eye staring him down from the wall across from his bed, by the crucifix hung there by his Grandma. [READ MORE]

Best keep up, because the tale is winding down and when it's done, I'll be speaking on October 5, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Forsyth County Public Library, 660 West Fifth St., Winston-Salem, NC. The event is open to the public, and I'll be talking about publication, horror, fantasy, and of course Miserere: An Autumn Tale. I have also been persuaded to share some snippets from my current work in progress The Garden.

So if you're free that night, drop in and visit with us. I'd love to meet you.