Review of MISERERE at My Bookish Ways

Just had an awesome review of Miserere at Kristin's book blog, My Bookish Ways:

Miserere is a hard one to review. Not because I didn’t like it, actually, I adored it, but it is simultaneously one of the most complex, yet compulsively readable novels I’ve ever read. Topping out at just under 300 pages, Ms. Frohock manages to pack a wallop of a story into her pages. Lush and emotional, it takes the reader on a journey about betrayel and redemption, and leaves them gasping ... [READ MORE]

And don't forget: you've got several chances to score a free copy of MISERERE:

  1. At Brenda Drake's blog where you can win a copy of MISERERE by commenting;
  2. At the Night-Bazaar this week, you can comment for a chance to win; and
  3. RIGHT HERE, where your super writing skills can win all kinds of cool prizes including a query critique or a 25 or 50 page critique from my rock-star agent Weronika Janczuk!

Party on ... it's the 4th!

writing the second novel--at the night-bazaar

I love the Internet: in the morning, I'm in DC, in the evening I'm out on the west coast, and this afternoon I'm at The Night-Bazaar, talking about writing the second novel. I'm also giving away a couple of copies of my debut Miserere: An Autumn Tale. Head over to see how to win ...

I think a lot of writers and fans tend to believe that publication means the second novel is just bursting to roll out of the author’s brain and onto the keyboard. I used to think that once I finished Miserere, my next novel would be spectacularly easy. I mean, I had gotten over the hump of story-telling and world-building, right?

Maybe ... [READ MORE]