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Without Light or Guide will be here tomorrow!

*throws confetti*

Read Chapter 1 RIGHT HERE!

I've had a couple of blog posts about Los Nefilim go live recently:

A CONTEST! We all love contests: At r/Fantasy, I am running a contest just for Redditors. If you're in the community and want to enter, go here to find the details.

If you're still on the fence about whether Los Nefilim is worth your time or not, here are a few early reviews:

T.O. Munro: In "Without Light or Guide" Frohock continues to carve out a unique path for herself through the hinterland of horror with an digression towards fantasy.

Sense of Wonder:  The writing is beautiful, with a more serene prose and more profound and detailed descriptions, that help build a really evocative atmosphere.

Over the Effing Rainbow: Los Nefilim is so enticingly fresh that I can’t help loving it for that alone.

Bibliotropic [Personal note here: I'm sad and happy to see Ria stop reviewing books at Bibliotropic--sad, because she has really grown as a reviewer over the years, and I have enjoyed her reviews. I'm also very happy that she is now pursuing her own writing career. I hope you will join me in wishing her the absolute best of luck in all her future endeavors!]: Frohock’s storytelling shines as she tells a story of redemption and love and faith, all wrapped together with angels and demons and music and vivid history. It’s a series with a low level of investment and such a high payoff that if you enjoy any of those things, or just enjoy dark fantasy in general, then you’d be foolish to overlook it. Without Light or Guide is a brilliant follow-up to In Midnight’s Silence, hands down, and I’m already eagerly anticipating visiting all the characters again in the next installment.

The BiblioSanctum: Typical urban fantasy takes you to current American city streets, but here we walk alleys and roads and tunnels in Spain, with the Spanish Civil War looming on the horizon. We also have a a main protagonist who is older than usual, and an approach to magic that toys with your senses.

What I'm reading: Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher. Grimdark and, in some places, hysterically funny--okay, I have a weird sense of humor--Fletcher manages to take the reader into a world where madness is the road to godhood and belief creates reality.

I'll be reviewing this one for you when I'm done.

What I'm watching: True Detective, Season 1. I know most of you saw this when it first came out, but I had to wait for the DVDs. I have thoughts about this show that I might be sharing once I've finished it.