autumn and a Miserere review at Rabid Reads

I don't know about winter, but autumn is finally in the air here. I, for one, am glad to see it come.

Inching up to the 45,000 word mark in The Garden with a scene that is dear to my heart. Those usually slow me down just a little, because I'm more careful on the initial draft. This one is coming very organically though and so far, I'm quite pleased.

Had a bunch of running around and various emails that needed addressing yesterday, but I got home last night to this lovely review for Miserere at Wag the Fox: Rabid Reads. I've been reading Gef's reviews for some time, so I was nervous when he said he would read Miserere. What I like about Gef's reviews is his honesty; I always feel less like I'm reading a review and more like I'm just talking about fiction with someone who loves to read. I was delighted when I saw his review.

Talking about Wicked Women in a Den of Dark Fiction

I've been reading Gef's blog for some time now, so I was totally thrilled when he asked me to do a blog post for Wag the Fox. I think this is one of the best dark fiction blogs out there. If you haven't been reading Wag the Fox, take a peek. There are super posts on book and movie reviews, guest posts, and more.

Today, I'm talking about my lovely Catarina and our expectations about villains and gender:

... it never occurred to me to make Catarina anything but female and violent. She uses sex as a weapon; it’s not about satisfaction, it’s about power. She is physically and verbally abusive—in many ways, she exhibits the personality of an addict. I could have made her male and given her all those attributes and no one would have blinked an eye.

Does that mean we expect that kind of behavior from men? Is that why we have no problem with male villains? Guys are born to be power hungry and driven—we expect violence from men? ... [READ MORE]