a more in-depth look at ChiCon 7

I did want to write a post that detailed the very positive experiences I had at ChiCon 7. One of the many highlights of the Con was the chance to meet and talk to Carol Berg. Frankly, when I saw I was scheduled to be on a panel with Carol Berg, I was intimidated. I mean really, really intimidated.

After dinner on Friday night, I wandered around with Courtney Schafer and Mazarkis Williams. Courtney stopped in the lobby to talk with this warm, lovely lady. I glanced at her name tag and saw it was Carol Berg.

My brain flipped out and started screaming at me: Carol Berg! It's CAROL BERG! Stop standing there like an idiot and say something intelligent!!

So I opened my mouth and blurted, "Oh my God, you're Carol Berg! We have a panel together!"

My brain promptly sent another set of instructions: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! MORON!

Carol, on the other hand, was gracious and before I knew it we were all talking (or rather listening) as she told us story after story of panels and conventions she attended. She kept talking until we all relaxed and started to join the conversation.

From that point forward, the con just kept getting better and better for me. I spent Friday morning placing flyers for the Night-Bazaar party on every kiosk the con provided for party flyers. At 3:00, I got to meet the rest of the Night-Bazaar crew as we divided up responsibilities for the party. There was time for a quick dinner and a change of clothes, then it was back to the East Tower for the festivities.

People ate bugs ... they took books ... it was awesome. I had a chance to talk with Kameron Hurley, who is a powerful, lovely woman, and finally got to talk to Stina Leicht, who is just vibrant and full of life. I made new friends and had a chance to meet the people I chat with on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday was a day of panels for me, one of which was the one with Carol Berg. She is just as awesome as everyone says and she gave me a few hints on how to be a good panelist Friday night. I took her advice and had a wonderful time talking about characters and characterization.

Saturday evening was the debut authors panel, and Stina did a great job of keeping the panelists focused and the audience questions were really fun to answer.

Sunday morning, I volunteered to watch the SFWA hospitality suite. The hospitality room was very, VERY quiet, but that was okay. I had a chance to catch up on my reading and think about my afternoon panel on religion. I thought that at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon, there might be a few people on hand for the panel. Imagine my surprise when I saw the room was packed. The panel was top-notch and we really had an intelligent discussion on religion and how to (and how not to) use it in your novels.

One thing I will do differently at my next WorldCon is I will have the panels I want to attend already picked out and written down. I missed two panels I really wanted to attend, because I just lost track of time a couple of times. I also grossly underestimated how long it would take me to get from the East Tower to the West Tower too. Someone with ADD shouldn't be turned loose on their own in a venue that big.

Overall, the whole con was a blast, and I'm looking forward to next year!