Why you won't see "trigger warnings" here

I dislike the use of blanket use "trigger warnings," especially in academic settings. Yes, I understand that people suffer traumatic circumstances outside of the classroom, and I think it is incumbent on the faculty to say that the next work they are going to examine might be disturbing to some students. Brittney Cooper talks about why this form of censorship shouldn't be tolerated and the instructor's role in guiding discussions.

From a personal perspective, I find it demeaning that a certain group of people believes that I will forever be a victim and constantly being "triggered" into bad memories of traumatic abuse by any- and everything. Everyone who has been abused in some manner goes through a victim-stage. There is nothing wrong this, it is a perfectly valid response to abuse. However, to remain locked in this stage as a victim can be emotionally crippling. There is one stage that comes after "victim" that I don't see people talking about at all.

With constant work and good therapy, most people progress to become a survivor. At this point, the trauma is there, but the trauma no longer controls the individual or their actions. We acknowledge what was and know that it is something that HAPPENED to us, not something that DEFINES us.

To allow any kind of trauma to define me and restrict my life and my thinking is a straightjacket that I prefer to avoid. That's just been my personal experience.

Also, if you're triggered by anything, don't read my works. I trigger everything, because to hide abuse is to deny its existence, and I'm not into denial. Not anymore.

So you will never find "trigger warnings" here. Remember: