in the land of the sick . . .

I am under allergy attack right now and it's not pretty. Last fall, my doc changed my meds and it seems the medication that was okay-dokey for fall/winter royally does not work in the spring when the pollen is at its worst. So we're tinkering with my daily cocktail of allergy meds to see if we can still make it work out, but I'm afraid the relationship with this particular brand of medicine is doomed. As raunchy as I feel, this little experiment has a deadline of 72 hours, then I'm whining into the telephone until I can have my good medicine back.

On the up-side, it's been a long time since I've been sick like this and I've forgotten how weird my mind can be when I haven't slept (I am now four nights sans sleep).

I have begun to devise a list of activities you might want to consider avoiding if you're ever KO'd like this--just a couple of things to prevent strange dreams and whatnot (especially the whatnot):

Do NOT under any circumstances watch Nick Jr. It's loud and colorful and scary to grown-ups. I accidentally strayed there while flipping through the channels when I was in a hotel room over the weekend. It reminded me of a similar experience I had one time when I was sick and happened upon Teletubbies. Something came unhinged in my mind and I dreamed for days of frightening plastic-Pez-headed creatures with HUGE, SCARY EYES and squeaky voices . . . it was horrible.

Also while in the hotel, I was trying to justify the expense of cable television just so I could have the SyFy channel. Surely I would be safe with aliens and goblins and monsters, but IT WAS NOT TO BE!

There was a horrid little bald man in a purple shirt trying to sell me a floor sweeper in an infomercial. He was very excited about his floor sweeper and the marvelous things it could do. It had steam. He swore you could eat off the floors. I don't eat on my floors. If I drop food on my floors, I have cats--they eat the food droppings. If I want really clean floors, I will get a dog.

Twitter is freaking surreal when you're sick. All those snippets, constantly changing . . . it's like being in party where everybody is really drunk and talking too loud.

However, yesterday I did run across this major authorfail (hint: scroll down and read the comments) via @EvilWylie. I'm not even sure surreal encompasses that escapade. I understand that today you can purchase coffee mugs with the snake quote on them. My tired, sick brain is wondering if there might be a copyright issue with that . . .

One thing that makes being sick bearable is my husband. While I was on the coast, he sent me an email that promised there would be a hot stew waiting for me when I got home (and it was delicious). He has really taken good care of me. Although it probably hasn't been much fun for him, he never complains.

So if you're stuck in the land of the sick, having someone special to hold your hand is the best.

I hope you're feeling well and enjoying a colorful spring day. If not, I hope there is someone special in your life to hold your hand when you're feeling punky. Me? I'm going to go chase sleep again. Maybe this time, I'll catch me some . . .