cover art, contest winners, and whatnot

I've had a few questions spring up in various places and since I'm starting to see some repeats (also in various places), I thought I'd address a few of them here in one place:

Q -When will the winners for the blog tour contest be announced?

If you entered flash fiction in the blog tour contest, check back next week. We will announce winners sometime on Monday August 1. Precisely when we will announce the winners will rest primarily on the shoulders of US Air and whether they have me safely home at a reasonable time on Sunday.

Q - What about winners for the other giveaways?

Some of them have already been contacted, and I have another giveaway that does not time out until tonight. So rather than three or four blog posts, I thought I would do one and the winners will be announced soon, either tomorrow or Monday. A lot depends on my schedule and how long it takes me to transfer meds and other liquids into tiny TSA approved bottles before Friday. Tedious, true, but that's the way life works sometimes.

Q - Who did the art work and layout for Miserere?

Michael C. Hayes did the cover art for Miserere, and the good folks at Night Shade Books did the rest. Rebecca Silvers came up with the awesome cover design, and Amy Popovich did the equally beautiful interior layout and design. In my humble opinion, they came up with a stellar package for me, and I just put the words on the pages.

Q - Were you self-published before finding a publisher for Miserere?

No. While I have many online friends who choose to self-publish for their own reasons, I have never tried to self-publish. It wasn't the route toward publication that I wanted to take for a variety of personal reasons. To the best of my knowledge, Night Shade Books does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. My best advice is to go to their web site and check out their submission guidelines.

Q - I love the music in the book trailer, can you tell me where to find it. The title of the track is "It's Coming."

So I'll be around as time allows and I appreciate your patience!


Miserere Book Trailer

As book trailers go, I don't think it will win any awards, but I did the best I could, and I'm pleased with it. I think the images and music set the right tone for the novel, and I guess that's what book trailers are all about.

My daughter, Rhi Reeder, helped me pick the music and get the beats to flow with the slides.

I certainly learned a lot. I now know how to loop .wav files, and I even inserted a two frame movie into part of it. In case you're wondering, I used PowerPoint 2010 to create the transitions and the slides. PowerPoint 2010 has a way to convert the file to a movie. I spent a great deal of time in a photoshop program that I have, picking the right RGBs of color for the text boxes. I also used the photo program to doctor the images.

Of course, having fabulous cover art didn't hurt the process any at all.

What do you think about book trailers? Have you done one for your novel? Do you intend to do one? Have you ever been enticed to buy a book based on the trailer?