how Miserere and Woerld ended up anchored in real traditions

This afternoon, I'm spending time with my colleague Max Gladstone over at his blog where you can learn a little about Max and me. Max wanted to know how (and why) I decided to use real traditions in Woerld. He was also curious whether I encountered conflicts between Woerld and the traditions and religions featured in Woerld.

... I think each religion has something very unique and beautiful to offer its adherents, and to merge them all into one giant religion would lose those distinctive qualities. So I chose to express their commonalities by showing their differences.

Writing Miserere made me realize how little I knew about Christianity. I mean, I knew the basics, but not the history of Christianity, the angelology, the demonology, or Gnostic Christianity and how it all fit together. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me ... [READ MORE]