Winning Bid for the Dolorosa Tuckerization

StellarCon 36 was one of the best ever for me. I was horribly nervous before the con because this was my first time as a guest, but the authors and organizers at StellarCon 36 made it a wonderful experience.

Later on, I hope to share some of the great information that I learned from the panels I attended, but for now, I did want to let everyone know who submitted the winning bid for the DolorosaTuckerization. StellarCon 36 held a charity auction for Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro and Patrick Rothfuss's favorite charity Worldbuilders on Saturday night to a packed room of bidders.

To help raise money for the auction, I offered up a Tuckerization in Dolorosa, the sequel to Miserere.

I am thrilled to announce the winning bidder is: Yair Goldberg and he asked that the character bearing his name be associated with the Rabbinate.

I always find that coming up with the perfect character name is the most difficult part of writing a story. Although Yair might disagree, I feel more like the winner in this instance. I'm looking forward to beginning Dolorosa, and even though it's a bit distant, I'm really looking forward to StellarCon 37 next year.

Would you like to be a character in Dolorosa?

StellarCon 36 is hosting a charity auction on Saturday, March 3, 2012 to help out two very worthy causes: Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro and Patrick Rothfuss's favorite charity Worldbuilders.

The good folks at StellarCon 36 have asked for donations, and I am offering up two items for two separate bids:

  1. An autographed copy of Miserere: An Autumn Tale
  2. A Tuckerization in Dolorosa: A Winter's Dream.

The autographed copy is pretty self-explanatory, but the Tuckerization comes with rules so that everyone's expectations are on the same page. Here is how it shall work:

The Katharoi series takes place in Woerld. Here, the four realms of existence—Heaven, Earth, Woerld, and Hell—are like four lakes joined by tiny streams; toss a pebble into Hell and the ripples would extend to the farthermost reaches of Heaven.

Woerld is Heaven’s frontline of defense between Earth and Hell. The Fallen Angels and their demons seek to open the Hell Gates so their hordes may conquer Woerld, then they intend to overrun Earth, their last obstacle before reaching Heaven’s Gates. The Katharoi are spiritual warriors on par with the Knights Templar. Rather than just Christianity, the Katharoi represent all the religions on Earth—there are Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Wiccans—and each religion maintains a bastion where they train their members to fight the Fallen.

Now here are the rules for the Tuckerization:

Since the members of the Katharoi are children from Earth who have been drawn through the Crimson Veil into Woerld, you can keep your real name. The character will have your name only and any physical or psychological characteristics will be up to the author and your choice of alignment. In other words, the author (that being me) retains all rights to the character.

You get three choices:

  1. You can pick your bastion (or which religion you would like to be associated with);
  2. If you are atheist or agnostic, let me know and I will work you into the story from that angle. (For example, I need a knife merchant and no affiliation to any religion need be mentioned if that is your preference.);
  3. You can be aligned with the Fallen as a human (just be aware that things often turn out very badly for those in option #3).

After that, you’ll have to trust me to work you and your role into the story. If something should happen and Dolorosa isn't published, I will do everything in my power to assure the winner of the StellarCon 36 Charity Auction Dolorosa Tuckerization some form of a Tuckerization in a future novel; however, in a future novel, your name may need to be changed slightly to fit the novel and the location of the story. We'll burn that bridge together when the time comes. Either way (in Dolorosa or in a future novel), I retain full creative license to write the character for the story.

Where will all this be?

Place: Best Western High Point, 135 South Main St, High Point, NC 27260

Time: Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. see your StellarCon 36 program for the location

Note: You must be present to bid.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at StellarCon 36 and helping to raise money for these wonderful organizations.