random notes--the macrocosm

It is important to keep in mind a central idea of the Indian tradition, namely that of levels. There is a hierarchy of levels within a person, in the society, and in the cosmos. The lower levels in all these are lower precisely because their insight and understanding is not as subtle nor as comprehensive as it is at the higher levels.

For example, those parts which are at a lower level in a person or in humanity wish to live by their own likes and dislikes and not by what is good or right for the whole person or the whole society. Those parts of us, or those among us, which understand the needs and requirements of the whole, need to control, persuade, or coerce the lower parts to obey the higher vision. Otherwise, there will be chaos internally, in the society, and in the cosmos, leading to a violation of right order (dharma) and of wholeness. --Ravi Ravindra

The Inner Journey: Views from the Hindu Tratition, edited by Margaret H. Case

Parabola Anthology Series, Series Editor Ravi Ravindra