fabricated SFWA fascists

Ignorance is unbecoming to everyone. Last night, there was a list of "SFWA Fascists" posted on Twitter. To the person who compiled that list: You keep using that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means.

Just because someone does not agree with your viewpoint does not make him or her a fascist, or a communist, or a socialist,* or even politically correct.

Likewise, treating other people like human beings worthy of dignity and respect is not fascism--it's called ... well ... being nice. If we were all nice to one another and treated one another like professionals, then we might just get along and quit acting like a hoard of raging hemorrhoids.

It's possible. Think about it.

Meanwhile, please stop calling people who do not agree with you "fascists," because if you persist, people who know what that word really means will think you're stupid.


*As a side-note: No one is a fascist/communist/socialist. That creature cannot exist except in a most Sybil-like manner and it would devour itself in rage, because all three of those things are antithetical to one another.