writing contests and author photographs

Two cool things are going on around the interwebs this week:

A Writing Contest: Bloody Cake News is hosting a writing contest to help Mark Lawrence spread the good word about his newest novel, Prince of Fools.

Six authors will be judging the entries: Mark Lawrence, T.O. Munro, Snorri Kristjansson, Daniel Polansky, Luke Scull, and me. Entries have already begun to pour in, so go over to Bloody Cake News and see what the competition looks like. You have got until April 1, 2014 to give us your best three hundred words ... make them count.

[Edited to add: my flash fiction, Comes the Night, was only 231 words. You can do it!]

Authors on Author Photos: M.L. Brennan asked a bunch of us what we really thought about author photos. I'm over at her place this week along with authors Jason Hough, Delilah Dawson, Django Wexler, Elspeth Cooper, Stephen Blackmore, Mazarkis Williams, and Zachary Jernigan. We discuss the dreaded author photograph and what these pictures mean to us.

In other things, I'm busy with my latest work and will be around sporadically.

Stay out of trouble.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

a guest post over at a bitter draft

This week, I'm hanging out over at Patrick Doherty's blog, A Bitter Draft, with a guest post that contains some of my random thoughts on religion in fantasy. I talk about religion, fanatics, and societies, oh ... my! Check it out.

I'll be back next week to tell you about the movie Solomon Kane and why I enjoyed it, but for now ... go say hi to Patrick and tell him that I sent you.

a game of names

I have been writing the stories, writing the blog posts, and doing ALL the things!

Abhinav has kindly asked me to join authors Myke Cole, Chris F. Holm, Kim Curran, Helen Lowe, Anne Lyle, Courtney Schafer, Lou Morgan, Jeff Salyards, Gwenda Bond, Stina Leicht, Sarah Cawkwell, David Annandale, and Elspeth Cooper for a series of blog posts on names in genre fiction.

The full schedule for Names: A New Perspective is up at Abhinav's blog and you can go check it out now. Be sure to follow @abhinavjain on Twitter so you can get all the updates.

I'm there on October 8th and I will talk about how I deal with names in my novels.

I'll be back with more of the things later.