when fighting monsters ...

Yesterday, another post went up in my blog tour and I was unable to post my companion piece here. The post looks beautiful and I am visiting Sherrie at Write About Now. Sherrie had the most interesting question about fighting monsters, and I talk a little bit about Woerld's monsters:

When I originally envisioned Woerld’s bastions, they were more like universities, military academies where the Katharoi learned the art of warfare, but also more about their enemy, the Fallen. The more I delve into Woerld and the cultures of the bastions, the more I realize that they place a great deal of emphasis on learning and on older Katharoi guiding the younger members. [READ MORE]

why I would like Guillermo del Toro to read Miserere

Hey. Magan said I could pick ANYBODY.

The one question blog tour continues today with Magan at The Punching Bag Fights Back where I tell you why I would like for Guillermo del Toro to read MISERERE: AN AUTUMN TALE. I also talk a little bit about the monsters in MISERERE.

I love del Toro’s works, especially Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. He placed so many layers in those movies, so many small touches that most people would miss. In Labyrinth, I loved the way ...

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