Summing it up for 2011 & looking ahead to 2012

Just a really quick year-end round-up, because these people were all so kind to put Miserere on their best of lists:

Over at Staffer's Musings, Miserere took #5 on The Juice Boxes-Best SFF Debut of the Year-2011 alongside some other super 2011 debuts (I'm not telling here, go read the list).

Kristen at the Fantasy Cafe listed Miserere as one of her Favorite Books of 2011 and her favorite debut.

Last, but certainly not least, Miserere won honorable mentions on several book blogs. Even Paul Goat Allen gave Miserere a nod as one of 2011's outstanding debuts at the B&N Book Blog.

I want to thank all of book bloggers who reviewed Miserere in 2011. I know there was some really excellent genre fiction published last year, but without your help, Miserere wouldn't have reached the audience that it did in 2011. I hope to eventually meet some of you at cons. You all just made my debut year very special and I thank you!

I also had the opportunity to meet (online) and enjoy the fellowship of a host of debut authors, all of them wonderful writers, all of them fascinating people. I look forward to meeting some of them in person at cons in 2012.

I'm working hard on the final draft of The Garden, and I hope to start Dolorosa (Miserere's sequel) soon.

I think in 2012 I will continue to take risks with my stories. I want to broaden my worldview and hopefully yours too. More than anything, I just want to entertain you and make you forget your troubles for a few hours.

Happy New Year.

Here's to 2012 ... the Year of the Dragon.