When I talk about religion

I am working on a much longer blog post about writing for publication later this week; however, last week, I sent out a tweet that Miserere isn't about religion and my friend Glinda asked me what prompted the tweet. I wanted to answer her question but not in a flip 140 character tweet. Nothing in particular prompted the tweet--it was more like a conglomeration of issues that accumulated over a long period of time.

I think people see the word "Christian" and immediately associate the work with religion. Amazon.com helps perpetrate this fallacy by placing Miserere in the "Christian Fiction" category, which is based on computer algorithms and probably picks up the word "Christian" from the blurb.

So I thought I would clarify things for you.

When I talk about religion, it looks like this: The Book of Daniel as Apocalyptic Literature. When I talk about how religion and religious beliefs impact culture, it looks like this: Christian Dogma from the Classical Period through the Reformation: Paving the Way to Christian Apathy.

What I write for your enjoyment is fantasy, and that looks like this: Miserere: An Autumn Tale.

I'll be around later this week with a real blog post for you.