no nano for me--2013 is the year of the short story #sfwapro

A short update on progress of Cygnet Moon and other projects:

2013 is the year of the short story for me. Thus far, I've written four:

"Naked the Night Sings" at 4,500 words;

"Love, Crystal and Stone" at 7,300 words;

"La Santisima" at 4,900 words;

"Down to the River" at 4,000 words.

That's a grand total of 20,700 words. In comparison, I have now reached the 31,700 mark on Cygnet Moon.

For the record, I thought about participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but with the pressure of a few other projects floating around, I had to decline.

If you're busy writing and counting those words, good luck. I'm hammering the old keyboard right alongside of you.

I've got two other projects under a deadline right now, so if I'm scarce, that's why. Meanwhile, here is a teensy peek at Cygnet Moon:

I dreamed that I hid in a forest. The trees grew close together. All sound was choked off.

Overhead, spirits swirled like a fine pale mist through the tightly woven limbs. The souls sought a way past the woods so they could ascend to heaven’s realms. The air hummed with their moans. The wind did not blow here. Nothing moved but the dead.

I squatted behind a tree and shut my eyes. Exhausted by my fear, I couldn’t move. I tried to be small and inconsequential. I hid in the darkest corners of my mind, yet Mother found me, her tongue a great silver blade that cut me to the bone. She opened her mouth and revealed eyes instead of teeth.

Nano away, my friends. I'll be around.