The Broken Road--a brief excerpt (#SFWAPro)

And finally, the opening for my novella "The Broken Road" is finalized. This means that I have opened the file numerous times, read it, and have not felt the need to rearrange words.

Outside the gilded halls of Antigua, summer wilted the crops in the fields. The lowborn poured their blood into the soil. What grew from those rites couldn’t be named or eaten. Famine was a dirty bitch with rotten fangs, but the hunger she put in a belly bit sharp nonetheless ...

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"The Broken Road" novella update

Nailing the opening and ending of a novel are the two most difficult aspects for me. Those first words are like a thesis statement, and I have to work them constantly to get just the right feel for the novel. 

I'm still playing with the paragraph. It has morphed at least five times in the last week. Each time I open the story to work on it, I read the first paragraph anew and tweak it slightly.

Last week, it looked like this:

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