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A lot of you have been asking me when my next novel is coming out, and I am so grateful to all of you for your interest! You just blow me away, you really do. Unfortunately, I don't have much to report right now. Garden in Umber is still on submission, and I will let you know if it sells to a publisher the very minute that I am able.

I also want you to know that my online presence might be somewhat diminished for the next couple of months. Without disappearing entirely, I am going to be taking a less active role in social media. It's not that I don't love interacting with everyone, but working on three short stories and my novel really made me realize how much I'd missed writing during the months of March and April.

The year 2013 started out with sickness and upheaval in all aspects of my life: the day job and my writing were going through transformations, and my home life was disrupted by my own illnesses. It hasn't been a good year thus far.

The day job still hasn't stabilized; however, my own equilibrium has begun to return. That doesn't mean I am filled with peace and serenity while being tossed by the seas, but it does mean that I am no longer giving other people control of my free time. I want to spend that time reading and writing.

I'm really excited about being a part of two lovely anthologies: Manifesto: UF and The Neverland Library's Fantasy Anthology. Working with the editors and writing stories to specific guidelines has given me the opportunity to flex my writing skills in ways that I hadn't imagined that I could. I am indebted to both Tim Marquitz and to Roger Bellini for inviting me to participate in their respective adventures. I'll be around to promote both of these anthologies when they are available.

I want to tell you about my friend Helen Lowe's novel Heir of Night. I have a partial review written and would like to finish it soon. My friend Alex Bledsoe's newest novel Wisp of a Thing is pre-ordered on my Nook, and I intend to give you a review of that too. I also have an idea for southern gothic short story that I've started to kick around, in addition to working on my novel Cygnet Moon.

I'd like to get all of these projects rolling and finished by the end of the year, and in order to do that, I'm going to have to spend less time on social media and more time doing that writing-thing that I love. I will be popping in on the old blog with my updates, but if you don't see me on Twitter and Facebook as much, it's because I'm writing.

Ya'll carry on ...

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