i can't hear myself when your voice is in my head

I've got a to-read stack that is twelve books deep right now. They're all excellent novels by wonderful writers, but I've got to set them aside for a little while. I'm in the last three (maybe four, depending on length) chapters of The Garden. This weekend, I hit the point where the story and plot came together, and it's working beautifully for me.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll immerse myself in this particular story to cultivate the voice of the characters, the overall tone of the book. I don't know if other writers do this or not, but when I reach this stage, I can't read someone else's work or that author's voice sticks in my head. Then I find myself mimicking another writer, almost like picking up an accent when talking to someone from another area of the country or world. I can take the time to work around it in the early stages of my novels but not when I'm working on the final chapters or the final edit.

What about you? How conscious are you of an author's voice while reading a novel? Can the voice or tone of a novel be the making or breaking point for you? If you're an author, do you reach a point in your novel where you cannot read other people's works while working?