A quick note on the spellings used: the accepted spelling of the word is Nephilim. However, in Spanish the ph sound is replaced by the f, hence Los Nefilim.

The Los Nefilim novels are primarily told from the points of view of my Spanish characters, so whenever I need to use the generic term Nephilim to indicate the species of Nephilim as a whole, I use the spelling nefilim (the lowercase n is intentional for plural nefilim as well as the singular nefil).

I also needed a way in which to distinguish the various nationalities of nefilim within the Inner Guard. Whenever you see capitalization—Los Nefilim, Die Nephilim, or Les Néphilim—I am referring to the Inner Guard’s different divisions—the Spanish, German, and French, respectively.


angels Creatures from another dimension that invaded the antediluvian earthly realm. They warred with the daimons for control of the mortals. The angels caused the Great Flood in order to force the daimons to capitulate to their demands. Rather than watch the mortals destroyed, the daimons surrendered. While no daimonic uprising has occurred in centuries, the angels sometimes engage in civil wars. These conflicts often bleed down into the mortal realm.

angel-born nefilim (often shortened to angel-born) Nefilim who can claim direct lineage to an angelic ancestor.

daimons The old earth gods who resided in the mortal realm before the invasion of the angelic hordes. Most have retreated to homes deep beneath the earth and have removed themselves from mortal affairs. Others, like Diago’s grandfather, Moloch, work toward reasserting themselves and their presence in the mortal world.

daimon-born nefilim (often shortened to daimon-born) Nefilim who claim direct lineage to a daimonic ancestor.

dark sounds The frequencies produced by violent deaths manifest as dark sounds that cling to the mortal realm. Nefilim and mortals alike produce dark sounds, but only the daimon-born nefilim can actually see these frequencies.

Die Nephilim The German Inner Guard, led by Ilsa Jaeger. Her second-in-command is Erich Heines.

Fallen The Fallen are angels who have been cast out of the angelic ranks and forced to live in the mortal realm.

Grigori Also known as the Watchers. A group of angels that committed vile crimes against the mortals. The Grigori were cast out of the angelic realms. Their wings were torn from their bodies and they were buried deep beneath the stones of the earth, where they live in eternal torment.

Il Nephilim The Italian Inner Guard, led by Matteo de Luca. His second-in-command is Chiara Ricci.

Inner Guard The Inner Guard functions much like a central intelligence agency for the angels. The Inner Guard is comprised of angel-born nefilim that monitor daimonic activity for the angels. Each mortal country has a division of nefilim to serve in this capacity. During times of war, they often fight alongside mortals.

lesser nefilim The term includes nefilim born of minor spirits and mortals who are the distant descendants of either angels, daimons, or nefilim. In terms of mortals, these lesser nefilim are far enough removed from their supernatural ancestor to have strong psychic abilities for mortals, but according to the nefilim’s laws of consanguinity, they are considered mortal.

Los Nefilim The Spanish Inner Guard, led by Guillermo Ramírez. His second-in-command is Miquel de Torrellas.

Les Néphilim The French Inner Guard, led by Sabine Rousseau. Her second-in-command is Jean Marchand.

Messengers (also known as Malakim) These angels are the closest in form to the mortals, and because of this, they serve as messengers between the Thrones and the nefilim. They also mate with both the mortals and the nefilim in carefully orchestrated breeding plans designed to produce powerful nefilim.

nefilim/Nephilim The nefilim are often distinguished as either angel- or daimon-born. All nefilim reincarnate and retain memories of their past lives, with their firstborn and current lives being the most important.

Ophanim An angelic species, the Ophanim have thousands of eyes and are the lords of fire that float just beyond the river of fire’s shore. Shaped like blazing wheels, they spin in place and maintain the complex glyphs that are portals from one dimension to another.

portal realms Unlike angelic realms, which create pathways to completely separate dimensions, pocket realms remain just under the veneer of the mortal realm, like a body beneath a blanket. Such realms are often used by nefilim as bunkers or covert black sites, but they are extremely difficult to maintain.

Principalities Angels that rule over specific countries in the earthly realm. The kings and queens of the Inner Guard report to their respective Principality through the Messenger angel assigned to their division.

rogues Nefilim who do not join the Inner Guard are known as rogues. Rogues move independently among the mortals. While they lack the networks and structure that enables the Inner Guard to move freely during mortal wars, rogues have been known to organize to protect their own interests. They have their own set of arcane codes and rituals, which dictates their behavior among both the mortals and other nefilim.

the second death The death from which no nefil can reincarnate. Although the nefilim usually reincarnate, their souls can die. The lonely sounds heard in abandoned places are said to belong to nefilim too weak to be reborn. Others are murdered, their songs unraveled by angels.

Thrones Probably the closest thing that stands as a collective godhead to the nefilim. The Thrones are fiery angels that are never seen in the mortal realm.