Born of an angel and a daimon, Diago Alvarez is a singular being in a country torn by a looming civil war and the spiritual struggle between the forces of angels and daimons. With allegiance to no one but his partner Miquel, he is content to simply live in Barcelona, caring only for the man he loves and the music he makes. Yet, neither side is satisfied to let him lead this domesticated life and, knowing they can’t get to him directly, they do the one thing he’s always feared.

They go after Miquel.

Now, in order to save his lover’s life, he is forced by an angel to perform a gruesome task: feed a child to the daimon Moloch in exchange for a coin that will limit the extent of the world’s next war. The mission is fraught with danger, the time he has to accomplish it is limited ... and the child he is to sacrifice is the son Diago never knew existed.

A lyrical tale in a world of music and magic, T. Frohock’s IN MIDNIGHT’S SILENCE shows the lengths a man will go to save the people he loves, and the sides he’ll choose when the sidelines are no longer an option.

* * *

The magic of music, angels, and daimons. There is so much sinister elegance in these things that Frohock combines so beautifully in the first book of her Los Nefilim series ... I especially love the way her fantasy and urban fantasy steps so far away from what we typically see in this genre in terms of characters and settings. --Wendy B., The BiblioSanctum

The strength in In Midnight’s Silence is in its characters and their dilemmas. At the start of the novel, Diago’s self-imposed isolation away from the supernatural society is a resolution that gets severely tested by the events that unfold. The story is much more concerned with the moral choices of its protagonist, his attempt to escape the box in which outside forces have put him, and how he deals with their manipulations. --Paul Weimer, SF Signal

In Midnight's Silence tells an honest story of pain and redemption. Sure, there are demons, angels, golems, and magic, but it's the honesty that stays with you and touches your heart. --Alex Bledsoe, author of The Hum and the Shiver

In Midnight's Silence has everything that I love about Frohock's writing -- lush worldbuilding, complicated relationships, shocking violence, double-crosses, high stakes, family ties, and intricate plotting. It wastes no time getting started and the intricacies of angel and demon politics swirl around the Spanish setting. This is a novella that I devoured in one sitting! --M.L. Brennan, author of the Generation V series

The dark plots of angels and demons increase the already-high stakes in 1930s Spain in Frohock's enthralling introduction to the world of Los Nefilim. --Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger

The best thing about this story is the writing. It's just excellent. Not overdone, not clunky, just fluid and assured. It puts you there, you believe it, you believe the setting, the people, everything. I can see why Voyager picked this up, the writing can stand and look any piece of literary fiction in the eye without blinking first. --Mark Lawrence, author of The Prince of Thorns (read Mark's full review at Goodreads)

With admirably few words, Frohock layers atmosphere and mythology to create a rich, vivid tale populated by creatures both heavenly and hellish. Though In Midnight's Silence may be dark and sometimes bloody, at its heart is a surprisingly sweet story of love old and new, and a man learning what it really means to be a father. --A.F.E. Smith, author of Darkhaven

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